A letter to University of People, 2 Jan 2012

A letter i wrote to University of People, 2 Jan 2012.


I am a full time mom, after working 8 years as a secretary in an automotive company. And am homeschooling my child because I believe the power of multimedia and internet that will enhance one’s ability without trimming one’s uniqueness. I am trying to developed myself, so I can more adequate as a person, as a mom, and of course as a teacher of life.


I live in Jakarta. The capital of Indonesia in South east Asia. My city is in Java island, its very populated area, because it is the central of both economics and politics of Indonesia. Urbanization is a popular idea here, so what makes Jakarta unique is that you can still find people with gross domestic income less then USD 2.000 per year and people who consumes USD 2.000 per weeks living near each other. I see the condition as an opportunity to grow equal, and by sharing knowledge.

Because I need it, and it widen my chances to become the person I love even more. I love myself, but online education give me the proper challenge and customized it the perfect way, so I can love my child in every way that I can while I continue my study. To me, learning online is also minimizes the unnecessary and time-consuming efforts, like driving my child to my parents before I go to school, have an instant baby food or preparing cold lunch for him, or maybe checking in and out of many classes, while by online study, I can still do all the works


It is a blessing to be given the opportunity of giving birth a child. This is a challenging situation. But, the process of nurturing my child turns out to be the most challenging process of all. I need to be better, to be wiser, to be healthier. And in the process, I experience that the needs to become more knowledgeable is strengthen inside me, not only for my child, but the most important is for me.


I look at the course catalog, and both are interesting. But, I believe that Business Administration program is more suitable for me, as it covers studies such as E-commerce for Business Administration, Personal Finance, Financial Accounting, and many more. I think it will be applicable in my house management, and also in my neighbourhood. I am enthusiast by the possibility of being able to apply my knowledge and pioneering a life-time-learner habbit among many mom-friends.


I found that knowledge sharing is always empowering, continuously. I strongly believe that knowledge is transferable, always changing, and reflected in attitudes. Having fellow students and study together on a peer basis, will only strengthen each person in the group. Learning together is great, but when I involved in situational group, I think that all of us can be the resources to each other, and at the same time can resolve disagreement in many subjects with varied point of view and way of thinking. I believe, different backgrounds from each other in the group, could be the strength point.


My child is the person who influence me the most. He grows in all of ways that inspire me to become more. I am now in a situation when I always want to be better, want to be stronger, want to be wiser, want to be prettier, want to be healthier and all of the great conditions, because of my child. I want my child to see me as a person who is determined by choices that I have made. I want my child to be proud of me.




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