Family Portrait

Tiap foto punya cerita masing-masing. Ini jutaan kata, dirangkum dalam beberapa foto. It is about places, it is about people, it is in the smiles and cries and hugs that speak for us. It is about us in the presence of each family member, how we connect to each other.  Ini foto keluarga kita.



6lMQ8UsJ (2)

cbHkV4Oo (2)

gNYL4kKJ (2)

LVj4Gc5R (2)

TA6PLslj (2)

XZr1Ixch (2)


ZDjPmJOk (2)

9O7fKh2c (2)

fl86YnyL (2)

rheQ4Ruf (2)

VLOpobyS (2)

sTqe5dFu (2)

Mcidmq36 (2)

Wx02aOnw (2)

LfPGSxWZ (2)

PYE5w9om (2)

xda1fWnq-1 (2)

9AyK6g1I (2)

C4mJ5pAY (2)

bC1IzdsV (2)


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